Summer Time is Travelling Time

Summer Time is Travelling Time

Whether you are heading for a trip overseas or just a weekend in Cornwall, our Travel Range will ensure you stay beautiful while travelling.

There are a few new products in store. The Dr Hauschka Soothing Milk comes in a handy 30ml bottle and is extremely gentle to your skin, removing dirt and make-up while protecting your skin at the same time.

Dr Hauschka Facial Toner is a classic that you surely don’t want to miss during your holiday. Now available in a 30ml spray bottle, it not only completes the cleansing process by rinsing away any remaining cleanser, but also strengthens your skin and minimises pores at the same time.

Stay fresh with the Dr Hauschka Revitalising Day Cream. From a 30ml bottle you get a light moisturiser that balances the water and oil content of the skin, giving pale and dry skin a fresh and vitalising look.

The Weleda Mini Lotions Set contains all your favourite body lotions in one pack. Complete with Wild Rose, Pomegranate, Sea Buckthorn, Citrus and Evening Primrose, what more do you need?!

Exercising the Mind, Body and Soul

Exercising Beauty

Being beautiful and healthy not only depends on what you eat, but also on keeping fit. If you hear the word “exercise” you most likely think about jogging 5 miles every day and work out very hard. However, walking the kids to school or cycling to work is also a form of exercise and if done on a regular basis it will go hand in hand with beautiful skin.

Which daily exercise you do depends on which one you can build into your daily life routine. I personally prefer to walk into town rather than using the car and at the weekend I quite enjoy a nice cycle ride where I can enjoy the rural scenery. If you can’t build in any exercise in your daily routine I would recommend you to go for a 20 minute walk at least three times a week. You would be surprised how easily it is to fit that in during your lunch break. You might also want to consider taking the stairs instead of the lift.

Effects on your psychological body

Walking in Nature

Exercising or just going for a walk in nature will massively reduce stress and tension and helps to connect to your body’s rhythm, generally speaking exercise acts as a natural antidepressant.

So your new goal is not to be exercising for muscles and for being super skinny, your new goal is to exercise to come into harmony with your internal environment. This way of exercising will give you an experience of peace and will restore your sense of self, allowing you to think more clearly. Next time you go for a walk, think about a problem that you are facing at the moment. You will be amazed that in most cases you will find a clear solution for your problem by the time you’ve finished your walk.

Exercising according to your body’s rhythm also means that the speed of exercising should depend on how you feel. If you feel full of energy you might want to go for a run rather than a walk. But if you feel that your body needs to slow down at some point, listen to it and take it easy.

Effects on your physical body

Regular physical exercise increases your circulation flow, improves digestion and stimulates the process of waste removal from the internal organs and skin. When exercising, toxins are eliminated through sweat as the pores are opened, and also through deeper and faster breathing. These toxins would normally be dealt with by your skin which contributes to your skin looking less healthy and aging. Without exercise your maximum skin health and beauty can’t be revealed.

Health benefits of regular physical activity:

    • Sport destroys fat cells, which is very important as it also destroys the nasty fat cells that surround our abdominal organs. It is these fat cells that can be responsible for heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer.
    • Exercising cleans the veins and prevents blood fats from settling down that can clog the vessels leading to heart attacks and strokes. Exercising releases fat-splitting enzymes preventing blood fats to settle down in the veins.
    • Exercise strengthens the heart by strengthening the heart muscle. Every time you do physical activities your heart beats faster as it has to pump more blood which strengthens the heart muscle in return.
    • Sport prevents diabetes which is caused when calories are flooding the body and the pancreas has to react by producing more insulin in order to reduce the amount of glucose in your body. Our body cells react less and less to the insulin and that’s where sport can break the vicious circle and reverse the insulin resistance. The reason for this is that the cells need little or no insulin to dispose glucose during physical activity. The blood sugar level drops which decreases the need for insulin.

Product-PicturesAs always, there is no one single magic formula that will keep you healthy and keep your skin looking at its best. A combination of regular exercise, healthy eating and good skin care will work wonders and keep you looking beautiful.

Did you know that Dr Hauschka Hydrating Foot Cream is for sporty people to help care for and reinvigorate your feet? You can also refresh yourself after physical exercise with the Dr Hauschka Sage Bath, it also has a deodorising effect.

The Weleda Arnica Massage Oil with a powerful scent of rosemary and lavender, is ideal for massage before and after sport to keep the muscles warm and flexible.

You are what you eat – Beauty from the inside out

The Inner Beauty

The skin reveals our physical beauty and is the part of us on which we are most commonly judged. We all like to have beautiful and soft skin and often only rely on our skin care to fix our skin problems. The right skin care can, of course, be better for your skin, but it’s not the only important factor that plays a role if it comes to beautiful skin. We can use the best skincare in the world, but it won’t make our skin healthy if we drink too much, smoke and live on junk food.

What you eat plays a major part in healthy looking skin as it is the skin itself that has to clear out all the chemicals from the food we eat. If you eat a lot of refined and processed food your skin will look pretty unhealthy during its elimination process, trying to clean out all the bad stuff that it contains.

If you consistently eat foods with high toxins, you can’t expect your skin to remain healthy and beautiful. Your skin is made from the inside out, so it draws on the nutrition and chemicals you eat. By eating toxins, an immune response is triggered which affects your skin and also makes you susceptible to illnesses. The saying “garbage in, garbage out” isn’t just one for computer geeks, it is also very apt with your body.

So, it’s important to be very conscious of what you eat, rather than letting the toxins in your system build up and contribute to diseases. You should be supporting your system by clearing these toxins out and replacing your old eating habits with new ones.

Improving your diet

Here are some good tips for a healthy nutrition:


    • Drink water on a regular basis. Scientists are still unsure about how much water we should drink. Many people are too busy at work to get up and pour themselves a drink. I know many people that fall into this category. So my suggestion is to have a bottle of water next to you and have regular sips throughout the day. Regular sips won’t take a long time and it is so important and beneficial for your skin.
    • Buy good quality food that isn’t processed. I personally buy as much organic food as possible. Biodynamic and organically grown foods are free of all synthetic poisons which means that only natural substance can be used in the growing and harvesting process. This in turn means that the food you eat doesn’t contain all the ugly toxins that will cause a reaction with your skin.
    • Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the day. Plant foods are the only real source of antioxidants, with the exception of fish. These antioxidants fight the free radicals that are the cause for all living things to age and decay. There are many fruit and vegetables that have a high content of antioxidants which you can look up in the list below. Eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables will slow the ageing process and protect you against serious illness.

      High Antioxidant Fruits High Antioxidant Vegetables
      Blueberries Kale
      Blackberries Spinach
      Strawberries Brussels sprouts
      Raspberries Broccoli
      Oranges Beets
      Red grapes Onion
      Cherries Corn
      Kiwi Aubergine
  • Cook meals from scratch as much as possible. It can be tricky to juggle work and family, but the extra time that you spend by creating a dish from scratch is definitely worth it. I know this from my own experience.When I first changed my diet a few years ago, I found it hard to break my old habit of using ready meals. The trick I found was to change it gradually. I started with making one meal a week from scratch and increased the number every few weeks until every meal I cooked was from scratch with fresh ingredients. I can guarantee they taste so much better and are so much healthier.

Regenerating-RangeDid you know that Dr Hauschka’s regenerating skin care contains antioxidants? Regenerating Day Cream, Regenerating Serum, Regenerating Eye Cream and Regenerating Neck and Décolleté Cream are all rich in antioxidants that protects against free radicals leaving the skin smooth, soft and firm.


Avoid these nasty little habits


    • Avoid eating large amounts of animal foods. The amount of antioxidants in animal food is pretty low or none at all. As well as this, most animals are injected with hormones and antibiotics which will end up in your body and will have a negative effect on your own hormones and overall health.
    • Avoid products that are made with white flour and refined sugar.
    • Try not to eat ready meals or fast food. Heavily processed foods are low in nutrients. This is simply because the act of food processing removes them. It’s because of this low nutritional value that causes a lot of obesity. Your body needs nutrition and if what you eat doesn’t have the nutrition your body needs, it will crave more and you will feel hungry again. You then end up eating more, and adding more calories into your diet. Eating healthily will satisfy your body’s need for nutrients far quicker, which will mean you will naturally eat less.
    • Moderate the amount of Alcohol you drink
    • Give up smoking. Smoking is probably the worst of all and should certainly be avoided. Smoking speeds up the ageing process of your skin causing permanent wrinkles.